Goethe Society WA Intensive German Summer Course

Summer 2018

The Goethe Society WA will run an intensive German course for 5 nights in mid-January. There will be two levels offered: beginners (A1) and a more advanced level (A2 to B1). This will be an interactive and collaborative course. Participants are also encouraged to let the Goethe Society WA know of any specific areas or material they would like to study when they are enrolling or during the course of the week.

Date: 15th to 19th January 2017

Time: 6pm-8pm

Location: German Consulate Perth, 1133 Hay Street, West Perth WA 6005

Parking: Street parking is available (free parking from 6pm onwards)

Fee: 150 Dollars. Fees are payable prior to starting the course. Unless classes are cancelled due insufficient student numbers, fees are not refundable.

Enrolment Date: Please enrol by the 22th December 2016 by sending an email to This will secure your place. Please state which level (beginner or advanced) you would like to attend. Places are assigned on a “first come, first served” basis. If you miss out, you will be put on a waiting list and may be contacted closer to the starting date of the course, if there are cancellations.

Number of participants: minimum of 10 and a maximum of 16.

Teachers: Annett Klinzmann and Iris Ludewig-Rohwer

What to bring: pen and paper bottle of water

Please note that that classrooms are on level 1. There is no lift available.

Contact: for more information, please contact Annett on 0400 140744 or

We are looking forward to a week of fun and learning lots of German.

Goethe-Institut Science Workshops in German

The Goethe-Institut presented a rewarding and though provoking afternoon of Science Workshops in German at The Honorary German Consulate Perth on 24 November 2017. Students from a number of senior high schools in Perth in year 7 to year 10 engaged in hands-on activities lead by German speaking Western Australian scientists.

The Honorary German Consulate Perth was abuzz with excitement as the 40 students had the opportunity to step into the scientists shoes and learn about their interesting research areas; from how bacteria can be used to clean up contaminated sites, identifying a whale through DNA, virtual reality in Health and Safety training to a LEGO robotics Space-Mission workshop!

Each workshop was conducted in German promoting science and German language integrated learning. The students gained a greater insight into a career in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) and the strong connection the German language shares with these subject areas. Germany has a strong record of research, development and innovation in the fields of STEM and is one of the most commonly used scientific languages. Students who learn German gain access to academic knowledge, discourse and ideas in German speaking countries and central Europe.

The workshops concluded with a presentation by Professor Alexandra Ludewig, from the University of Western Australia, who outlined the many advantages of studying in Germany. This provided an opportunity for students and their parents to gain a greater understanding of higher education pathways for students studying German.

Thank you to the Goethe-Institut, Sonja Pluess and Kaja Eling,  for the organisation of this event and for including Perth in the schedule. The Honorary Consulate and German Language Round Table are working hard to support and promote German language learning in WA and are committed to strengthen German language in WA schools and institutions so that more students can realise the many benefits of learning German.

Thank you to the scientists who have so generously given their time and effort to create the workshop content it was very much appreciated. In particular:
Melanie Bruckberger (PhD Student, CSIRO and University of Western Australia)
Dr Andrea Ducki and Dr Thea Linke (Murdoch University)
Dr Torsten Reiners (Curtin University)
Prof Alexandra Ludewig (The University of Western Australia)

Thank you to the students, teachers and parents for your interest and enthusiasm in German and Science.

Read the Goethe-Institut Report on the Science Workshops in German by clicking here

Science Workshops for Students in German presented by the Goethe-Institut

The Goethe-Institut Australia presents science workshops in German on Friday 24th November 2017 from 1.30PM – 4.15PM at the Honorary Consulate of the Federal Republic of Germany
(1133 Hay Street, West Perth)

Can we use Bacteria to clean up contaminated sites?
How can we identify a whale through DNA?
How can we use virtual reality in Health and Safety training?

Step into the scientist’s shoes and find out!

Click here to download the Workshop Program


Germany’s Energiewende Travelling Exhibition

The German Embassy is presenting the Federal Foreign Office’s interactive travelling exhibition on the German energy transition (“Energiewende”) at the Hyatt Regency Perth until 10 November

The exhibition caters to the growing interest and attention globally in “Germany’s Energiewende”: Germany is in the midst of a radical transformation. The so-called “Energiewende” (energy transition) aims at cutting German energy demand by half and base supply nearly entirely on renewable energies by 2050. Furthermore, Germany plans to abandon nuclear power altogether by 2022.

The exhibition contains a timeline describing the evolution of German energy policy since the 1970s, presenting milestones and core issues at interactive stations. It also describes how Germany is meeting its international responsibilities with regard to sustainability, and outlines the impact the energy transition will have in shaping a future-oriented and innovation-based economy, whilst campaigning for strong international cooperation towards achieving a global Energiewende.

Since its inauguration in April 2016, the exhibition has been on display at more than 30 locations around the world. It’s now coming to Australia and you can see it at the Hyatt Regency in Perth until 10 November!
The travelling exhibition is complemented by a comprehensive website which explains the different elements and the development of the “Energiewende”. It can be accessed through 

See the following for further information:
Flyer Travelling exhibition Germany’s Energiewende
Info_Travelling exhibition Germany’s Energiewende

Martin Luther Exhibition Now on Display – 500 years of the Reformation

This year marks the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther’s Reformation. A protest which launched a movement that had a profound impact on European thought, culture and society. The anniversary was marked with an exhibition at the German Day of Unity on 11 October 2017; this exhibition is now open to the public at the Burt Memorial Hall and St Johns Lutheran Church Centre.

The exhibition presents Martin Luther’s life and work outlining the most important events in the history of the Reformation, and its effects up to the present.

Where to find the exhibition

Martin Luther Exhibition Announcement Flyer – Click here for exhibition dates and times



Marmion Primary School – School Song in German

Marmion Primary School has a strong German program established since 1996. Currently there are 256 students in ten classes from Year 2 to Year 6 who have the opportunity to study German. The program is supported by administration, students, parents and their experienced and passionate teacher Frau Stacey Valli.

The school has recently translated their school song to German! This project had great merit as it helped to link the German language with a long held tradition at the school. Students from all classes really enjoyed learning their school song in German and participated with enthusiasm in the project.

Please see the link below to view a video of the school song in German.

School Song in German

Brisbane feiert die 2. “Deutsche Woche”


Brisbane Celebrates German Week

Der deutsche Honorarkonsul in Brisbane hatte letztes Jahr eine spannende neue Initiative ins Leben gerufen>Brisbane’s German Week 2016 eine ein-wöchige Feier, um das Beste von Deutschland zu erleben.

Dieses Jahr finden diese Feierlichekeiten über 2 Wochen vom 1. bis zum 15. Oktober statt, bei denen Brisbane seine didaktische, wissenschaftliche, wirtschaftliche, politische und kulturelle Bindungen mit Deutschland, mit und durch Schulen, Universitäten, Unternehmen und zahlreichen anderen Organisationen mit Verbindungen nach Deutschland, zeigt. Dies ist eine großartige Gelegenheit die unzähligen Beiträge der Deutschen in Brisbane zu sehen und anzuerkennen, sowie eine Chance die tollen Deutschprogramme in Schulen und anderen Organisationen landesweit hervorzuheben.

Diese Woche in Brisbane erforscht den Reichtum und zahlreichen Verbindungen zwischen Deutschland und AustralienThis week explores the rich and multifaceted connections between Germany and Australia.

Die neu eingeführte Webseite des deutschen Honorarkonsuls in Brisbane bietet alle relevanten Informationen über die Feierlichkeiten zur deutschen Woche in Brisbane 2016. Lesen Sie hier, um mehr über die täglichen Ereignisse zu erfahren und wie die Einwohner Brisbanes diese Woche erleben via social media hashtag #brisbanegermanweek View the social feed here.

Karnevalsfeier an der West Coast Steiner Schule

Die West Coast Steiner Schule feierte traditionellen deutschen Karneval mit wunderschönen und kreativen Kostümen, deutscher Musik und Tänzen sowie einen Nachmittag mit Spaß für die gesamte Familie. Der deutsche Honorarkonsul, Torsten Ketelsen, war höchst erfreut diesen Feierlichkeiten am 8. Juni 2017 beizuwohnen. Die Schüler, die alle Deutsch als 2. Sprache lernen, eröffneten die Feier mit einem Karnevalszug, gefolgt von Büttenreden über die Bedeutung des Karnevals in der deutschsprachigen Kultur. Abgerundet wurden die Feierlichkeiten mit einer Aufführung deutscher Tänze durch die Schülertanzgruppe, viel Musik, Spielen und Karnevalsspaß!

Freie Schiffsbesichtigung auf der RV Sonne am 5. Juni 2017

“Offenes Schiff” auf der RV Sonne am 05. Juni 2017 von 11 bis 15 Uhr
Victoria Quay, Berth C, Fremantle Port WA
kostenlose Veranstaltung

Das deutsche Forschungsschiff RV Sonne dockte am 5. Juni 2017 in Fremantle an und bereitete die einmalige Gelegenheit einen Einblick in eines der weltbesten Hightech Forschungsschiffes zu erhalten.

Alle Interessenten hatten Gelegenheit mit den deutschen und australischen Wissenschaftlern an Bord zu sprechen, die innovative Forschungstechnologie zu sehen sowie alles über die aktuellen Forschungsarbeiten in der australischen Meeresumgebung und der deutsch-australischen Meeresforschungszusammenarbeit zu erfahren.

Die Sonne in den Nachrichten:

ABC News Article

Seen at the Sonne – Fremantle Shipping News

News Items on the Sonne – Various Articles

Aktualisierte Informationen zum Schiff und seinem Besuch in Australien finden Sie hier:


Flyer: Flyer Sonne Research Vessel

Freie Schiffsbesichtigung auf dem deutschen Forschungsschiff SONNE – 5. Juni 2017

“Offenes Schiff” RV Sonne am 5. Juni 2017 von 11 bis 15 Uhr
Victoria Quay, Berth C, Fremantle Port WA

Dies ist die einmalige Gelegenheit eines der weltbesten hightech Forschungsschiffe zu besichtigen, mit deutschen und australischen Wissenschaftlern an Bord zu sprechen, die innovative Forschungstechnologie zu sehen sowie alles über die aktuellen Forschungsarbeiten in der australischen Meeresumgebung und der deutsch-australischen Meeresforschungszusammenarbeit zu erfahren.

-Freier Eintritt-

Aktualisierte Informationen zum Schiff und seinem Besuch in  Australien finden Sie hie:


Aushang: Flyer Sonne Research Vessel