Born German, Re-Born in Western Australia: Selected Stories 1841-2016

“Born Germany – Reborn in WA”

By Alexandra Ludewig

Celebrating 175 Years of German Settlement in Western Australia

In 1841, 175 years ago, the first German migrant to settle permanently in Western Australia was naturalised as a British subject. Fredrick Waldeck wanted to demonstrate his commitment to his chosen place of residence; the place where he and his loved ones felt at home and to which he felt a new sense of allegiance. Thousands of Germans and German speakers have followed in his footsteps – male and female, young and old, rich and poor – all united by hope and the pursuit of a future that would add a new, West Australian, component to their sense of identity. This book is dedicated to all those who appreciate diversity and the cultural richness it entails, and who have, like so many of those in this volume, proved their appetite for risk-taking and new beginnings.

The book is available at the Honorary German Consulate Perth $30.00

Goethe Institute Australia Meets German Language Round Table

L-R: Tanja Colgan and Eva Baker

The German Language Round Table group welcomed Eva Baker, Deputy Director and Head of Languages Goethe Institute Australia, to a meeting at the Honorary consulate on Thursday 9th February 2017.

The meeting provided an opportunity for an exchange of ideas to promote and strengthen German language learning in Western Australia. Avenues for support and collaboration to bring German films and culture to Western Australia were also explored. The planning of a German film screening for school groups is currently underway.

SAGSE Scholarship Winners Describe their German Exchange Experience

SAGSE Scholarship winners from left to right: Ms Tiana Nelson, Mr Ju-Yin Ham, Ms Mia Palmer, Ms Prajna Menon, German Ambassador Her Excellency Dr Anna Prinz, President of SAGSE Ms Pamela Millar and Honorary German Consul Mr Torsten Ketelsen

Australian-German Student Exchange (SAGSE) awards scholarships to Australian students in year 11 and 12 each year to travel to Germany for 10 weeks during their summer holidays. The program provides students with an opportunity to strengthen their German language, interact with the German culture and build intercultural friendships.

The 2016 Scholarship winners were awarded by Ms Pamela Millar the President of SAGSE at the Day of German Unity Celebration on the 3rd October 2016. The four students; Ms Mia Palmer from Methodist Ladies College, Mr Yu-Jin Ham from Rossmoyne Senior High School, Ms Prajna Menon from Rossmoyne Senior High School and Ms Tiana Nelson from Kelmscott Senior High have now returned from their 10 week exchange program in Germany.

Attached are the students reports describing their insightful and interesting experiences while on the exchange.

SAGSE Exchange Reports – Newsletter 2017

For more information on SAGSE please see their website